We Foster Innovation
To Solve Real Needs

Facilitating the novel execution of ideas that create value.


Catalyzing the Transition
Towards Planetary and Human Well-Being

Metasense is a forward-thinking venture builder committed to creating sustainable impact through the strategic fusion of leading-edge technologies and emerging trends. We seek creativity and prioritise execution and leveraging of technology to build ventures that not only drive economic growth but also contribute to a healthier, more equitable, and sustainable world.

What We Believe

IMPACTFUL innovation usually comes from an individual

ANYBODY can be an innovator regardless of background

EXECUTION matters and can be taught unlike innovation

INNOVATION is interdisciplinary in almost all instances

Our Approach

We're not just advisors; we're collaborators. We work hand-in-hand with founders and owners, understanding their unique needs and challenges. We lend our expertise, resources, and unwavering support to ensure their potential is fully realized.

At Metasense, we are your partners, allies, and co-investors.

We are committed to bringing the most value to our ventures and ensuring our investors see the impact of their contributions.