Gaming Development


Metasense™ began developing Z-Infinity™ as a concept in 2022, conducting extensive research in the form of user-focused studies and polls. The design team used the study data to inform its direction in creating a brand and game franchise that would appeal to the target audiences.

  • Product

    Zombie Game

  • Segment

    Casual Gamers, Family-Friendly Games

  • Platform


Demographics of Gamers

From reaserch by FH Westküste University of Applied Sciences

The market figures as of 2023
  • 3.24 billion gamers worldwide

  • Value of video game market $197.11 billion

  • 1.6 billion video game players in Asia

  • Over 50% of Europeans play video games

  • Over 1.8 billion people are PC gamers

  • 48% of American gamers are female

  • 46 million US video gamers have a disability

Zombie Apocalypse
The City
The Crew

The Zombie

Your city is being over-run by mindless zombies - people that have changed due to a mysterious viral infection that is transmitted by bites from the infected.

It is only by banding together into teams, and assisting those who come after with clues left in graffiti, that we stand a chance of defeating the zombie horde and taking back our city and our lives.

COMING SOON Stage: Postproduction