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Strategic Ideation & Validation

We work with ventures from the very first spark of an idea, helping to shape and validate it. Our team applies their extensive experience to ensure the idea aligns with market trends and customer needs.

Technology Development & Support

Metasense fields a team of technology experts who are proficient in leading-edge technologies. We help our ventures to build robust technological infrastructure and support their continuous innovation.

Sales & Marketing Strategy

A successful venture requires a sound sales and marketing strategy. We help our ventures to position their brand effectively, target the right audience, and optimise their sales processes to drive growth.

Financial Guidance

From initial budgeting to long-term financial planning, we offer our ventures crucial financial guidance. We assist with fundraising, cash flow management, and future financial projections.

Legal & Compliance Advisory

We understand the importance of legal compliance and risk management. We provide guidance on business laws, regulatory requirements, and contract management, ensuring our ventures are always on the right side of the law.

Operational Efficiency

We help ventures streamline their operations for optimal efficiency. From process design to supply chain management, we ensure the venture's operations are lean, efficient, and scalable.

Revolutionizing the Path
to Successful Ventures

Innovation isn't a straight line, and the journey from ideation to market success can be a complex maze. That's where the venture builder model comes into play. It's a proven, rapidly growing approach to establishing and nurturing ventures that is transforming the entrepreneurial landscape.
As a venture builder, Metasense offers much more than investment. We provide comprehensive support and resources across the entrepreneurial journey. Here's why this model is taking the business world by storm:

  • Risk Mitigation

  • Resource Synergy

  • Mentorship & Collaboration

  • Market Agility

  • Sustainable Growth




Z-Infinity is a fresh and family-friendly zombie themed game


A gamified platform for strengthening the influencer economy and engagement opportunities between brands, influencers, and followers.


An exciting project at the intersection of Fintech, Connectivity, and E-Commerce




pleased you asked

Here are a few common questions and answers about what we do

What is a Venture Builder or Ventue Studio?

A venture builder, also known as a venture studio, is an organisation that develops new startups in-house by providing a mix of initial capital, a founding entrepreneur or team, and shared resources.

It's a model that increases the startup's chance of success by mitigating initial risks, providing crucial resources, and enabling faster growth.

What kind of Ventures does Metasense work with?

Metasense is sector agnostic, and works with ventures at various stages, from the ideation phase to the scale-up stage. We're particularly interested in ventures that align with our ethos of sustainability, transparency, and innovation.

We leverage our team's diverse expertise to support a wide range of ventures achieve viability, and prepare for scaling.

How does Metasense select Ventures?

Selection or ideation is a meticulous process, which begins with a thorough assessment of the venture's concept, market potential, and alignment with our values. The leadership team and potential fit with our suite of services are also evaluated.

Ultimately, we're looking for ventures with innovative ideas and the potential to create significant, sustainable impact.

How does Metasense support a Venture post-launch?

Metasense believes in fostering long-term relationships. Even post-launch, we continue to support our ventures with strategic guidance, operational efficiency, and resource management.

Our goal is to ensure sustainable growth and success for the ventures we've helped to build.

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